Mike's Dead - BEES (Official Music Video)

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Directed by BabyFlexFilms & Mike's Dead
BabyFlex: https://www.instagram.com/babyflexfilms/
Actors (Bees):

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Demons in my head i lost my mind I’m hearing bees again
Momma never calls Im off the wall who wanna be my friend?
You say you training bitches but I never see you leashing them
This girls on my dick she does a trick she gets a treat again

Here we go
Cross that line like tic tac toe
Drugs & music all I know
I press ignore you hit my phone
You waste my fucking time
I press ignore and block the line
I’m having fun with sex and crime
It's clear Im out my fucking mind

Look, go head now bring that back
These dudes be mad that I sing and rap
I crush your skull like a linen cap
That 1 2 punch that stick that jab
Said woah, bitch don’t talk to me
You want that beef no broccoli,
You lack protein bitch go pop a bean
That 1 2 step get off of me
I play defense, Offense
Fucked yo bitch from the comments

I said
Get the fuck outta my way
You get too close to my space
I got two fists for your face
You gone see god when I rage
Get the fuck outta my way
You get too close to my space
I got two fists for your face
You gone see god when I rage

buzz buzz, buzz buzz
buzz buzz, buzz buzz
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